What is Baccarat?


Baccarat is a card game with French origins that has evolved to become one of the most popular casino games in the world. It is often played in high limit areas of casinos, but it can also be found on the regular floor.

There are several different types of baccarat bets, including Player hand Bets, Banker bets and Tie bets. The goal of the game is to make a winning bet on either the Banker or Player hand.

The game is played by dealing a deck of cards, with each player being dealt two cards. These are then mixed with other cards to create a total of nine. The player’s and banker’s hand are then compared to each other to determine which hand has the best total. The Player’s hand has to be closer to 9 than the banker’s hand in order to win.

Unlike other games of chance, the card combinations in baccarat are fixed. The dealer deals each card to the Player box and then to the Banker box, but no more than two cards are dealt at a time. If the two hands have the same total, a third card is drawn for each.

A number of optional bets are also available for players to place. These include a Super Six bet, which is won if the Banker hand has 6 points and a Pair Bet, which is won if the Player’s first two cards are a pair. The payout for these bets is 12x the original bet amount.

Baccarat was founded in 1764 in the town of Baccarat in Lorraine, France by King Louis XV. The factory had been established to produce a variety of glassware, but it wasn’t until the 19th Century that production really expanded.

It was around this time that the firm won fame by winning several medals at the Great Exhibitions of the 19th Century, which earned them a large following amongst prestigious patrons from Europe and beyond. Those attending the 1855 Paris Exposition Universelle were particularly impressed by the magnificent glass fountains, lighting fixtures and other pieces on display.

Today, the company still manufactures many of its most famous pieces. It cites the ‘dialogue between heritage and modernity’ as an important factor in its designs, which reflect both traditional methods and contemporary influences.

As with many of its products, Baccarat’s designs are incredibly elegant and timeless. This is why they are so valuable to collectors and museums.

The original Baccarat crystal is so sought after that it can be seen in many prestigious collections, from the Musée du Louvre in Paris to the Plaza Hotel in New York. Similarly, the original glass candelabra that was made for Nicholas II of Russia is currently on display at the Baccarat Museum in Paris.

The company also produces a wide range of luxury glassware. Its current designs, dubbed ‘Baccarat Glass’, are described as’shaped by the dialogue between heritage and modernity’. These pieces, in particular, are influenced by Chinese, Japanese and Islamic art.